Tenant rights and responsibilities - the final inspection

When you are ready to move out, it will be necessary to get the landlord to approve the overall condition of the property. If you went through the property with your landlord and inspected it when you first moved in, you will need to find your initial inspection checklist. Make sure that you refer to this list when comparing the condition of each room, keeping it mind what they looked like when you first moved in. You tenant that is moving out as well as the landlord should thoroughly inspect the rental premises together, making sure to sign and keep a copy of the checklist.

If you go through the property with your landlord and it passes the final inspection, it is important that you get your deposit back in a timely manner. If the property is in a severe state of disrepair or it is very dirty, you will have to pay for cleaning and/or repairing any damages that you or your guests have caused during the tenancy period. You may also lose a part of your deposit or interest, depending on what the extent of the damage is.