Tenant rights and responsibilities - ending the rental agreement

When you are ready to move out, you will need to consider your rental history. Since you might very well need to list your landlord as a reference when applying for future apartments, it will be important that you end your relationship with them the right way.

  • Abide by your lease when ending your tenancy. If you find that you need to break your rental agreement and leave early for any reason, discuss options with your landlord.
  • Always give proper notice when you plan on leaving at the end of your lease term. The amount of notice that you have to give when planning to move out at the end of a lease term depends on the type of tenancy you have (refer to the Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets). Make sure to also put your notice in writing. If you do not give notice within the required amount of time, you may have to end up paying for additional months. You will be legally held responsible for paying rent until your lease comes to an end.
  • Make any necessary repairs to the rental property so that you get your deposit back with interest, if applicable.
  • After you give notice, your landlord will have to come into the property to show it to other rental applications.

(Refer to province-specific information and sample letters)


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