Tenant rights and responsibilities - evaluating your choice

When you are looking for the right place to live, it is imperative that you thoroughly evaluate all of the options you have. There are lots of different things to consider before deciding where you want to live, including the safety of the area as well as how clean the property itself is.

In order to make searching for rental properties and evaluating them a bit easier, we have included four different worksheets, each of which can be found in the 'worksheets' section of this guide

TIP: Talking to the current tenants

When you are looking at a prospective rental property, make sure you take the time to speak with the current tenants there. It is also ideal to look at the actual unit where you will be living, as opposed to a model.

If you want to rent out a commercial space, such as a warehouse or industrial unit, and turn it into a residential living space, the landlord-tenant laws for your province or territory will most likely not apply. Spaces that are intended for commercial use do not offer nearly as much protection for tenants.