Tenant rights and responsibilities - how to rent with bad credit

Even though you may have some financial difficulties, having bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find the type of rental property you want.

You will find that the best way to establish a positive line of credit is to simply pay off any outstanding debts you have as well as making payments on current bills on time consistently. Paying rent on time each month can have a positive effect on your credit rating, and it is important that you bring receipts of your payment or a letter from your landlord as proof. By simply being honest and straightforward about your credit with a prospective landlord, you can increase your chances of getting the accommodations you want.

Get help with paying your Rent

Everyone needs help paying their bills sometimes, and a rent bank can provide you with the financial assistance you need if you have difficulty paying your rent on time. Rent backs are available to people in certain cities throughout Canada, offering varying levels of assistance to those who need it. Some of these rent banks will only provide people in need with a single month’s rent, though there are others that give people who require this type of assistance with an emergency loan for multiple month’s rent. You will be able to ask the staff at a local municipality or resource centre if there is a rent bank in your area that can possibly help you if you should ever need it.

All rent banks do not operate the same way, and there are certain criteria which you must meet in order to get financial assistance from them. If you have a rent bank in your area, it is important to find out what their requirements are in case you ever need their help in the future.

Subsidized housing or Rent geared-to-income (RGI), is another option for low income individuals as well as families. This type of housing charges rent that is a fixed percentage of the tenant’s total income, and it is usually around 30 percent. Tenants that live in subsidized housing pay significantly less than they would in the private market, which is a huge help to those who do not make very much but need a place to live. You may have to be put on a waiting list for RGI housing, however, so it is important to keep that in mind.

There are a number of different programs across the country that provide subsidizes housing for Canadians that are in need of this type of assistance. These programs vary depending on the specific area, so you will want to get in contact with your local municipal offices to gather more information. You can also try looking in the blue pages of your local phone book or online to get the information you need about these programs in your area.


Other Sources to Consider

There are a number of other sources that you can look into for help with finding affordable housing, including local community organizations as well as friends and family. If you experience a temporary financial setback, an understanding employer or landlord can help you work through a difficult time.

You will most likely find that there are also a number of religious and community organizations in your area that can provide you with a certain level of assistance if you fall on hard times. There are also certain charity organizations that exist for the explicit purpose of helping people who are having financial difficulties, providing those who are in need with food, clothing, and even money.

In order to find these organizations in your area, you will want to ask people you know, including family and friends. You can also turn to other people in your community who may be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to organizations that may be able to help you get through a financial difficult time. Turn to your local phonebook’s yellow pages or go online to get as much information as possible on local charities that specialize in helping low income individuals who need some type of assistance, whether it is groceries, shelter, clothing, or something else entirely.

Some landlords are willing to work with their tenants to come up with a solution that works for both of them, such as a temporary partial rent payment in exchange for certain services, including landscaping and other types of maintenance. These kinds of arrangements usually work best for short periods of time, as it is not something that you will want to keep doing for a long time. Although not all landlords are willing to make these kinds of arrangements, it is definitely worth asking your landlord if you cannot afford to pay your rent in full.

Although you may feel uncomfortable about it, try approaching certain friends or family members about borrowing money for paying rent and other things you may need until you are once again financially stable.