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In a perfect world, landlords would be able to get along with their renters, without any complications. Of course, the world is anything, but perfect, which is why it is crucial to get to know your rights, as a landlord or a tenant. The truth of the matter is that renters are likely to face problems, when dealing with landlords and vice versa. This is something that is generally unavoidable, but shouldn’t be chaotic. If both parties are capable of understanding their rights, they will be able to instantly overcome their problems, without going through the courts. Since each province of Canada has different regulations, it is important to familiarize yourself, with those from your specific area. We help to fulfill your need for this information.

Tenants: Know Your Rights

There are plenty of problems that can go wrong, when renting a room, flat or apartment from a landlord. From time to time, you are likely going to experience a confrontation with your landlord. If you know your rights, you will be able to stand your ground. We understand how complicated of a process this is, which is why we’ve built a service, which will allow tenants to quickly and easily discover their rights, by law. As a Canadian, you have specific laws, which protect you, as a tenant. Since these vary from province to province, we have developed a massive database, which can be easily accessed from our website. The user will be able to use this, as a way to instantly figure out, whether or not they’re protected from specific actions.

Access Our Provincial Fact Sheets

As a tenant, you will be able to start your search, by choosing a province or territory. After this, you will have access to specific issues, which you might be facing. For instance, your landlord might have illegally changed your locks. On the other hand, you may have questions regarding your deposit and whether or not it will be returned, after you’ve moved out. Each of these problems will be laid out for you. By clicking on one, you will quickly discover the laws and regulations, which govern that specific issue, within your particular province. It is our honest opinion that this is the quickest way to discover the information you need, at the exact time you need it!

Landlord Services

We understand that landlords are not always the problem. In fact, there are many times, when a tenant will attempt to maneuver around the laws, in order to avoid paying rent or attempting to squat in the premises. This is why we feel it is crucial to also provide this information for landlords, who are dealing with these issues. By providing landlords, with access to our database, we hope to provide them with all of the information they need to deal with an unruly tenant in a legal manner. A variety of problems could arise and we hope our services will help to solve those problems effective. For instance, it is possible for landlords to discover information for the specific problem that they’re facing, whether it involves renting out a new property or dealing with a tenant, who is moving out.

Information for Landlords

Since there are a massive number of laws that landlords must follow, we hope to provide this information in a straightforward manner that is comprehensive, complete and efficient. Landlords can instantly use our site and determine, whether or not they’ll be breaking the law, by taking a specific action. As an example, landlord can use the site, in order to figure out how to properly handle issues, with their tenants. The landlord will be able to discover the proper method for handing out an eviction notice or dealing with property repairs. All in all, if there is a problem that must be handled, the landlord will find the proper action to take, by using our service.